Sorting dishes

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We don't have a dishwasher, and no room to put one in without a major kitchen overhaul. That is not likely to happen this decade so I am washing dishes by hand. This week I was instructing Mallory in the fine art of dish washing and taught her to sort the dishes. I always thought that this was just a weird thing I did until I started to teach her. It did not dawn on me until then that this is something that my mom taught me. Before doing the dishes I always sort them.

Stack the glasses, all the silverware in a mug or measuring cup, plates together, then bowls and cookware.

I also wash the dishes in order. This way the messiest dishes are done last and they stack easily into the dish drainer.

This quick step also has the uncanny ability to make the chore seem more manageable. What often looks like a humongous pile of dishes can be sorted into just a couple neat stacks and then tackled one by one.

It works for me! Thanks mom.

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